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Boston 1872 Gallery: Washington Street

Washington Street has long been the commercial nexis of downtown Boston. Washington Street begins at the door of Old State House at the head of State Street and extends for several miles into south Boston.

Macullar, Parker & Williams clothing factory and store at 200 Washington Street ca 1870. The building was destroyed during the Great Fire of 1872 however it was rebuilt just after the fire on the same site using the same design.
The east side of Washington Street near Milk Street and Old South Meeting House which was saved from the Great Fire of 1872 and remains a Boston landmark to the present day.

Long before land was added to Boston by filling in the surrounding bays, Boston was almost an island in the harbor attached to the mainland by only a narrow neck of land. Naturally this land bridge became a major roadway and was named Orange Street during the colonial period. After the Revolution, several Boston streets were renamed in tribute of America's new statesman and thus Orange Street became Washington Street. Today Washington Street winds through many neighborhoods of Boston and in most cases is home to retail stores and commercial buildings.
Commercial facades along Washington Street ca. 1878
The east side of Washington Street featuring the Macullar, Parker & Williams clothing store at 400 Washington Street nearly a decade after it was rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1872.

The west side of Washington Street opposite the head of Franklin Street ca. 1860.
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