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The city directories contain records of resident names (first and last), occupations, street addresses, and business names within the city boundaries for each year published.

Search terms are not case sensitive. Search term sampson matches the same as Sampson

Exact search phrases, such as street addresses, should be entered in quotes, for example "71 Federal" Using underscore between words is treated as exact phrasing as well: "71 federal" in quotes is functionally the same search phrase as 71_federal

Exact phrase searching is faster. Searching for the business name of "Jessop & Sons" in quotes is many times faster than searching for Jessop & Sons without quotes since the latter case is treated a multiple keyword search rather than an exact phrase search. Another way for decreasing search time is to reduce search keywords to minimum length such searching for 87_summ instead of 87 summer

Address records do not include the term "street" or its abbreviation "st", so it can be left out of the search query as well. Enter "71 federal" instead of "71 federal street"

Enter multiple search terms to restrict search results. For example to find all businesses or residents named Tebbetts on Summer Street enter search phrase as tebbetts summer

Search keywords OR and AND (entered in uppercase) are treated as conditional operators. Search phrase Tebbetts OR Baldwin matches all records with either the words Tebbetts or Baldwin. Search phrase Tebbetts AND Baldwin matches all records containing both terms. Spaces are treated as AND: Tebbetts Baldwin is functionally the same as Tebbetts AND Baldwin