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Harold Murdock "1872: Letters Describing the Great Fire"

Table of Contents
Title Page 3
Preface 5
Table of Contents 6
The Boston of 1872 11
The Outbreak of the Great Fire of 1872 41
Photograph: Summer Street, Ruins of the Building First Burned 55
Lithograph: Cover of Harper's Weekly for November 30, 1872 65
Part II: Letters 69
Lithograph: Boston in Flames, view from Boston Harbor 71
Lithograph: Winthrop Square on Fire 78
Photograph: Looking Up Summer Street After the Fire 102
Lithograph: Protecting Old South Church from the Fire 111
Photograph: Washington Street After the Fire 124
Lithograph: Outbreak of the Fire on Summer Street 125
Photograph: Looking Down Summer Street After the Fire 128
Lithograph: Washington Street During the Fire 133
Lithograph: View of State Street in 1872 137
Photograph: Fire Steamer No. 10 Hosing Down Fire Ruins 145
Appendix 154
Biobliographical Note 155
The City Government of Boston in 1872 157
The Boston Fire Department 159
Origin of the Fire 163
Table I: Order of Alarms and Responders During the Fire 166
Table II: Arrival Times of Horse-Drawn Steamers vs. During the Fire 167
The Use of Powder 169
The Burning of Trinity Church 171
The Union Safe Deposit Vaults 173
The Freeman's Bank 174
Outside Help 175

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