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Boston 1872 Gallery: C.F. Hovey's Store

Hovey's store on Summer Street was a Boston shopping landmark from 1858 to 1949. Aside from innovating several retail business practices that are still common today it also had the distinction of being the only building on upper Summer Street to survive the Great Fire of 1872.

Looking down Summer After the Great Fire of 1872. To the right are the remains of Shreve, Crump & Low after a coal gas leak exploded, and further down the street is Hovey's dry goods strore which was saved from the fire.
The front facade of Hovey's dry goods retail store on upper Summer Street. The Hovey building was designed by Boston architect Nathaniel Bradlee in 1853 and completed in 1858.

Upper Summer Street after the Great Fire of 1872. On the left is the front of Hovey's store, on the right is the ruins of Trinity Church.

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